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In Our WordsRP Matrix: The ultimate team players

RP Matrix: The ultimate team players

Ask an RP Matrix radiologist how to describe their practice, and you will immediately hear words like “teamwork” and “family.”

RP Matrix is the internal remote reading division of Radiology Partners (RP), combining the efficiencies of a teleradiology service with the collaborative culture of an in-person radiology practice. Dr. Jorge Ramirez, president of RP Matrix, shared with us just how this is achieved.   

What was the vision for RP Matrix?

Soon after RP’s founding in 2012 with the vision of creating a network of radiology practices that could drive value and transform how radiology was practiced, practice leadership saw a glaring need—the ability to support RP’s onsite practices with a teleradiology services, so in 2014, RP launched Matrix.
Since then, RP Matrix has grown to more than 150 radiologists strong across the United States. Leveraging a cutting-edge, AI-enabled platform, Matrix supports RP’s practices with remote diagnostic, routine subspecialty, emergent and after-hours imaging support. As part of a large national radiology practice, our Matrix team benefits from the vast scale of RP, which affords investments in multiple areas that allow the entire practice to drive value, such as clinical innovation programs, AI platforms and professional development opportunities. Due to the nature of our services, we are often involved in the piloting of new AI technology, so our practice can tap into the latest innovative tools first. It’s an exciting place to be!

What sets RP Matrix apart from other teleradiology services?

Our radiologists are committed to creating a new vision of teleradiology—a collaborative, smooth and efficient extension of the high-quality care provided by the onsite practice. We want to create a connection with the healthcare facilities and practices we are serving and be part of the team. Our partnership with onsite practices is a long-term solution, not a temporary fix. We are involved and equally responsible for the wellbeing of the practice and the care of its patients.

How does this benefit the referring clinicians and onsite practices  RP Matrix serves?

Our Matrix teams are structured in regional subgroups, fostering close relationships between our remote radiologists, the local radiologists and referring clinicians. Each subgroup of radiologists partners with practices in their region, creating a level of collaboration between the teleradiologists and those practices that far exceeds a “vendor” relationship. This model facilitates partner-to-partner teamwork and joint accountability between the local practice and Matrix, resulting in our radiologists truly integrating as members of the local practices we serve. This structure also offers stability to the onsite practices because there is no revolving door. We provide reliable support through consistent teams of teleradiologists who together serve their practices.

What would you tell a radiologist considering a role at RP Matrix?

The structure of RP Matrix encourages camaraderie and teamwork, offering social connection, a collaborative work environment and a culture of belonging, all while working remotely. While RP Matrix teleradiologists are an extension to the local practices of which they serve, they are also part of a cohesive, regional team within Matrix.
Additionally, teleradiologists can maintain healthy work-life balance by reading remotely from home while enjoying a flexible schedule, offering the ability to spend more time with family and friends or pursue new hobbies. RP Matrix radiologists work every other week or seven days on/14 days off.
Our radiologists are also involved in non-clinical aspects of the practice. From various subcommittees, educational offerings, quality assurance, recruiting and onboarding, the RP Matrix radiologists are connected to topics and opportunities that interest them or benefit their goals for the future.
At RP Matrix, everyone has a seat at the table, and we want to support each other. The mentality is “us”—What can “we” do together to provide excellent care to our patients and the best service to our partners.

If you are interested in opportunities with RP Matrix, learn more at a special weekend event in Boston August 12-14.

Dr. Jorge Ramirez is a practicing radiologist and the president of RP Matrix, the internal teleradiology division of Radiology Partners (RP). RP is the largest physician-led and physician-owned radiology practice in the U.S. Learn more about our mission, values and practice principles at For the latest news from RP, follow along on the RP blog and on TwitterLinkedInInstagram and YouTube

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