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In Our WordsRad Reach: A radiologist’s experience with RAD-AID Tanzania

Rad Reach: A radiologist’s experience with RAD-AID Tanzania

Dr. Arlene RichardsonDr. Arlene Richardson is a radiologist at RP Chicago, Chair of the radiology department at Jackson Park Hospital in Chicago and the Director of Tanzania’s RAD-AID International program.

RAD-AID is a nonprofit (501c3) organization with the mission of increasing and improving radiology and medical imaging for medically underserved regions by delivering clinical support and radiology education to healthcare workers in these areas. Previously, Dr. Richardson shared about her involvement with RAD-AID, both in Tanzania and at home in Chicago, on the RP blog.
Recently, she headed back and virtually brought us along for the trip. Follow her journey below and on RP’s TwitterLinkedInInstagram and YouTube accounts.

Learn about Dr. Richardson’s work in Tanzania with RAD-AID. In this episode, she shares about what she is seeing and learning as she teaches radiology residents.

In this episode, Dr. Richardson shares how she was connected to RAD-AID and how she and other colleagues serve the organization now.

Dr. Richardson discusses some of the teaching opportunities ahead with RAD-AID Tanzania and goes sight-seeing and hiking with residents on a day off.

In this episode, Dr. Richardson spends two days on a safari before heading to visit a few other healthcare facilities RAD-AID supports in Tanzania.

After arriving back home in Chicago, Dr. Arlene Richardson reflects on her trip to Tanzania with RAD-AID.
If you would like information about RAD-AID, visit the website and sign up for the e-newsletter. You can also learn more and contribute to the Tanzania program and find out more about our partnership with RAD-AID. RP teammates interested in volunteer opportunities can visit the dedicated RP/RAD-AID portal.
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