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What is a mammogram

A mammogram is an imaging exam that evaluates the breast utilizing low radiation dose x-rays. It is considered the gold-standard examination for evaluating for breast cancer in women over the age of 40.

Tomosynthesis (commonly known
as 3-D mammography)

  • 3-D mammography is a newer type of mammogram technology that has been shown to lower the chance of being called back for additional follow-up breast imaging exams.
  • 3-D mammography detects more breast cancers and can be especially helpful in women with dense breasts.
  • All of our breast imaging centers now offer 3-D mammography as the standard mammogram exam

Screening Mammograms

  • Screening mammograms are recommended by the American Cancer Society to begin annually starting at the age of 40-45 for average risk women
  • These screening exams are meant for women without any symptoms or concerns regarding their breast health.
  • When performed effectively and routinely, screening mammograms have been shown to detect cancers at a smaller size and therefore are less likely to spread beyond the breast.
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Diagnostic Mammograms

  • Diagnostic mammograms are performed in patients with any clinically significant concerns regarding their breast health.
  • Diagnostic mammograms are a part of a comprehensive evaluation of the breast which may include additional breast imaging exams and clinical evaluations by a breast radiologist.
  • If you have any questions in regards to qualifying for a diagnostic mammogram, please contact your clinician.

What to expect

  • While the patient is standing or sitting, the imaged breast will be gently compressed with an imaging paddle
  • The patient will be asked to hold their breath for a 3-5 seconds while the mammogram image is obtained
  • Multiple imaging projections of each breast will be obtained depending on the reason for the exam.
  • The images are then sent to the interpreting breast radiologist for review and generation of a radiology report, which will be sent to the referring clinician.
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