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Breast Ultrasound
Breast Ultrasound

What is a
breast ultrasound?

  • Breast ultrasounds use sound waves to evaluate the breast and surrounding tissues. It can be used to evaluate for abnormal areas either felt clinically by the patient or physician or seen on prior imaging exams. Additionally, breast ultrasounds can also be used as an adjunctive screening modality to screening mammograms.
  • Ultrasounds do not utilize ionizing radiation and are safe for pregnant women
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What to Expect

  • The patient will be positioned on her back or side on a bed often with the ipsilateral arm raised
  • A breast sonographer will perform the ultrasound of either one or both breasts. During the exam, warm gel will be placed on the interpreted area and an ultrasound wand called a transducer will be gently pressed against the breast for evaluation.
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