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Breast Ultrasound
Breast Ultrasound

What is a
breast ultrasound?

  • A breast ultrasound is an imaging study which uses sound waves to look at targeted areas of breast tissue.
  • Ultrasound provides more information on small areas of interest which may have been difficult to see on a mammogram.
  • Using a specific ultrasound transducer, healthcare providers are also able to look at blood flow inside the breasts during an ultrasound

Reasons to have
a breast ultrasound

  1. To provide a more focused view of the breast after a mammogram
    • An ultrasound can provide a closer look into any change which is felt in the breast, but not seen on a mammogram
    • Lumps can be imaged further to determine if they are fluid-filled or appear as a solid mass.
  2. Pregnancy
    • Since ultrasound uses sound waves instead of radiation, this can be a safe choice for patients who are pregnant.
  3. Contrast Allergy
    • If a more in-depth view of the breast is needed after a mammogram, a breast MRI can be challenging for those with a contrast allergy. Ultrasound can be an alternative option for those who face this issue.
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What to Expect

  • During a breast ultrasound the patient will be asked to lie on their back or side, with the arm raised above their head on the same side as the affected breast
  • A clear, warm gel will then be placed on the skin of the indicated breast
  • The technologist will then press an ultrasound transducer against the skin and glide it across the area which is being studied. Many images are collected during this process.


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