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Breast Procedures
Breast Procedures

Breast Procedures

Breast Biopsies and

  • Percutaneous breast biopsies and aspirations can be performed to obtain tissue samples for definitive diagnosis. Utilizing imaging guidance, a breast radiologist can perform a breast biopsy or aspiration with local anesthetic, resulting in a minimally invasive and comfortable experience for the patient.
  • We offer breast core needle and vacuum assisted biopsies under ultrasound, stereotactic, and MRI guidance. Imaging modality and biopsy type are chosen based on imaging appearance, location, and other patient factors.
  • All breast procedures are performed by our board-certified breast radiologists

Breast Localizations

  • If surgical excision of a breast or axillary lesion is to be performed, a percutaneous localization may be requested by the surgeon.
  • Under imaging guidance, the lesion/area of concern will be targeted with a localization device to assist the surgeon in localized surgical excision of the lesion.
  • The benefit of this procedure is to allow the surgeon to precisely identify the lesion within the breast or axilla and remove it with minimal disruption of the normal surrounding tissue.
  • We offer a range of localization devices including wires and various radiofrequency devices.
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