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Breast MRI
Breast MRI

What is a
Breast MRI?

  • MRI uses strong magnets instead of radiation to take extremely detailed cross-sectional pictures of the body.
  • Breast MRI requires a special contrast dye to be injected through an IV, prior to the scan itself. This allows suspect areas to be seen more easily by the radiologist and provides further information to your clinical care team.

Reasons to have
a Breast MRI

1. To look at breasts more in-depth if cancer may be suspected. 

This is often based on new symptoms, or a suspicious finding during a breast ultrasound or mammogram

2. To help determine the extent of diagnosed breast cancer. 

After a diagnosis of breast cancer, breast MRI is frequently used to help rule out anything unknown. It will help to provide the exact measurements of the tumor, as well as look for other tumors in both breasts. 

Women diagnosed with breast cancer do not always need a breast MRI. Dependent upon many factors of the diagnosis, an MRI of the breast may not be helpful in providing further information to a physician.

3. To check for silicone breast implant leaks.

Breast MRI can help to confirm or deny a suspected leak in silicone implants. For women with saline implants, this same approach is not used.

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What to Expect

  • MRI scans are generally done in an outpatient hospital setting or a clinic.
  • The technologist will do a screening to make sure the patient does not have any metal implants in the body.
  • After an IV is placed, the patient will lay face down on a narrow table with breasts hanging down into an opening in the table.
  • The table will move back and forth into a large tube, making loud noises while images are taken
  • During the scan, it is very important to remain still
  • *If you have trouble with enclosed spaces, please inform your healthcare provider prior to your scan!

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