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Breast Biopsies vs.
Stereotactic Biopsies

When there is an abnormal finding on a mammogram or breast ultrasound, a radiologist will likely suggest a biopsy of the tissue. The same radiologist will then determine the most appropriate type of biopsy based on the tissue size, location, as well as other factors.

Stereotactic Biopsies

Stereotactic breast biopsies are accomplished by performing a mammogram simultaneously. A radiologist will utilize the 3D nature of these images to help guide them to the correct area of concern in the breast. As the breast x-rays (mammogram) produce images of the same area from different angles, the radiologist can then determine the precise location which needs to be biopsied.

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Breast Biopsies

Fine Needle Aspiration

Breast biopsy which uses a thin, hollow syringe attached to a syringe. The hollow nature of the needle allows cells to be collected from the area of concern.

Core Needle Biopsy

Breast biopsy which uses a larger needle to collect tissue. This needle is often spring-loaded, to allow for tube-like pieces of tissue to be removed for examination.

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